Archilovers Best Project 2015: RG/RM Residence | Italy

Gobbo Architetti

This residence was created by joining together and renovating two dwellings located in a building in the city’s historic centre. The newly organised space lies along a central axis that runs through the depth of the house, with rooms running off at right angles: in one direction, from the utility room next to the large dining table to the master bathroom, the line leads to increasingly intimate areas; in the opposite direction it leads to a large open concept space where the kitchen, dining room and living room share a large, single area.

The nature of rooms so rigorously structured is mitigated by the use of materials that make a strong statement for the design of the decor: wood, unpolished steel and concrete, worked strictly by hand using artisan methods for the bespoke living room and bathroom projects; warm white lacquer, textured finishes and stainless steel for the ready-made furniture in the kitchen and cloakroom and for the padded items.

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