EUROMOBIL | Casa Decor, Madrid

Casa Decor is an interior design, design, trends and lifestyle platform with a unique format, held each year in a different location in the centre of Madrid.
For six weeks, the exhibition opens an iconic and unique building in the capital, hosting fifty spaces furnished by both established professionals and promising young interior designers.

To celebrate the 59th edition of Casa Decor, from 11 April to 26 May 2024 the doors of the Palacio de La Trinidad, a fantastic estate at 82 Francisco Silvela Street, which retains the majestic charm of period buildings, will be opened.

Located in the Salamanca district, the Palace stands firmly atop a 3,600 m2 plot, surrounded by gardens, which give it a certain rural character.

With a square plan, the Palace consists of a basement, ground floor, main floor, second floor and attic in the towers, diametrically placed at the front and rear.

The facade is richly decorated with various neo-Plateresque and neo-Baroque decorative elements of Andalusian flavour.

The Euromobil space, designed by Dosde Interiorismo, is located in the garden area. In the old caretaker's cottage, where interior and exterior merge their limits and functions, Lain Antis with TSS Opus Calce bases and Wood caneté plus Natural drawers blends perfectly into the space. Neutral and balanced tones have been chosen to give the room a natural light with an elegant and refined aura.


In collaboration with Spazio Top - Italian Home Design.

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