EUROMOBIL | Designer's Week 12-23.04.2021

In the occasion of the Designer's Week, which will take place in Milan from 12th to 23rd April, for the whole month Euromobil’s flagship store in Corso Monforte 30/3 will be beautified by three extraordinary artworks. The company lead by the Lucchetta brothers, who have always been wholehearted art patrons, will be exhibiting the “MONOCHROME, CONTRAST E NATURAL” installation composed of “Touch” by Jorrit Tornquist, “A regola d’arte” by Alberto Biasi and “Adam and Eve” by l’orMa.

These artworks will be showcased for the first time and will inspire the three moods that will guide customers in their choice of the new Euromobil kitchens:  more precisely, the Monochrome, Contrast and Natural conceptual threads.  Euromobil suggests three possible starting points to find the best solution out of hundreds of catalogue colours and finishes (there are over 100 new ones!). One might call them three different interpretations:

Monochrome, inspired by an artwork by Jorrit Tornquist, renowned master of colour, symbolically guides you towards the idea of a kitchen focused on monochrome surfaces, interpreted by a wide range of finishes and materials.

Contrast, on the other hand, can win the favour of those who love strong combinations. It is inspired by the art of Alberto Biasi, the protagonist of optical Kinetic art. “A regola d’arte” is a work consisting of two canvasses held together by a dynamic, vertical strip.

Lastly, Natural answers the growing demand for products made from natural materials. It is inspired by the work of Lorenzo Mariani, known as l’orMa, whose “Adam and Eve” won the “Premio Gruppo Euromobil Under 30” award in 2016.


La passione per l’arte di Gruppo Euromobil è cosa nota: da quasi quarant’anni l’azienda sostiene giovani artisti e promuove mostre in tutto il mondo. Un mecenatismo che nasce dalla sensibilità dei fratelli Lucchetta, illuminati imprenditori trevigiani, che hanno sempre avuto nella cultura la loro musa ispiratrice. L’arte diventa anche il modo per guidare i consumatori nella scelta del proprio mood abitativo.Abbiamo identificato delle aree tematiche guardando all’opera di tre artisti appartenenti a due mondi generazionali opposti, protagonisti della scena artistica – ricorda l’architetto Roberto Gobbo -, interpreti di altrettanti percorsi espressivi”.

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