GRUPPO EUROMOBIL | Monography introduction at Triennale in Milan

Lucchetta brothers’ history and Companies, and their singular adventure in the world of art, sport and design, has been told in a book published by Skira entitled “Gruppo Euromobil, un’impresa di design tra arte e sport” (Euromobil Group, a firm of art and design sport”)

The volume, which contains, among others, the signatures of Andrea Zanotto, Philippe Daverio, Aldo Colonetti, Valentina Croci, Marco Goldin, Giampaolo Ormezzano Mauro Pecchenino, Ignazio Roiter is accompanied by wonderful pictures of Fulvio Roiter.

Euromobil Group, which is headquartered in Falzè di Piave near Treviso, is composed of three companies (Euromobil Kitchens, Zalf Furniture and Desirée Sofas) and represents a "case" probably unique in Italy and perhaps in Europe of medium-sized company which believe in the culture so that it becomes the main instrument of its international marketing. The Group's growth, even in times not bright for the furniture sector, continues to achieve excellent results confirm the effectiveness of this investment strategy. Euromobil, with a typical history of Italian North-East, has transformed itself from a family carpentry into an industry group which is present today in a considerable position in the international market.

In addition to the choice of important names in international design beside young designers from different countries, the Group stands out for its participation in prestigious cultural activities. It is enough to say that in recent years, 360 exhibitions in Italy and abroad have conveyed a single industrial brand, the Group Euromobil brothers Antonio, Fiorenzo, Gaspare and Giancarlo Lucchetta.

"What we want and we have always pursued is to participate, live from the inside, the cultural model that we decide to design or support. We are interested in direct contact with artists, live their creativity, take part in the excitement of the public exhibitions. We are interested in understanding, through art, new enzymes or the persistence of great certainties, make raw material for us and for our companies growth factor. In this view, art and culture have given us so much and we have tried to return investing strong passion, energy and resources. As well as in sport from which we continue to borrow the desire to win that our eight World Champions and hundreds of athletes of our teams have. "

The next important cultural event includes the sponsorship of a major series of exhibitions organized by Marco Goldin, which will be held in Rimini, at Castel Sismondo from 10 October 2009 to 14 March 2010:

  • da Rembrandt a Gauguin a Picasso. L’incanto della pittura. Capolavori dal Museum of Fine Arts di Boston.
  • Pittura d’Italia. Luoghi veri e dell’anima.
  • Piero della Francesca e i tesori d’arte a Rimini
  • Fellini. Fogli di cinema. Disegni per i grandi film
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