EUROMOBIL | Milan Design Week 17_23.04.2023

Design. Innovation. Tradition. Family. Four words, four constants for a company that for over fifty years has never ceased to feed its curiosity through a perennial tension towards the new, towards the future.

The encounter between Euromobil and Marc Sadler had already led in 2018 to the birth of the SEI kitchen, a kitchen that, as its name suggests, is characterised by the constant of the number six: "six like six millimetres, i.e. the thickness of tops, sides, shelves, accessories...". The main aim of this project for Marc Sadler was to offer a simple yet functional product, a young kitchen that could give free rein to creativity and aesthetic sense according to the desired customisation.

This year, a natural evolution of the project meant that the kitchen did not lose its value and intrinsic characteristics, but appeared balanced in design and, thanks to an expansion of the compositional range, acquired a new and renewed modularity, capable of enhancing its features. The multiple personalities, unique and compatible with every taste, in fact, allow the kitchen to be designed in a variety of compositions, with new finishes introduced and new refined colours proposed according to individual needs.

Euromobil in 2023 also decided to put itself to the test by presenting a new project involving the SEI kitchen designed by Marc Sadler. The kitchen was introduced through a project linking storytelling and illustration: Corriere della Sera journalist Giorgio Terruzzi described the kitchen in six different stories, which were then visually represented by Victoria Krylov, illustrator for the New Yorker. In these small stories, the journalist highlighted some of the most significant and innovative features of the kitchen, which became a perfect co-star without ever risking appearing too intrusive, thanks to the alternation of characters and plots that are always different from each other. From Venice to Copacabana, from Paris to New York, SEI travels undisturbed, adapting completely to its host environment, always maintaining its uniqueness and unmistakable design. The illustrations, with their attention to detail and skilful use of colour, contribute to making each kitchen and each story more realistic, transporting the observer to that exact moment, to that point in the world.

Euromobil Flagship Store
Corso Monforte 30/3- Milan

April 17th - 23rd
10.00 am - 9.00 pm

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