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Timeless kitchen collections for which all aspects of quality are absolute values.

Founded in 1972 in Falzè di Piave, in the province of Treviso, by the Lucchetta brothers, it's the cornerstone of Gruppo Euromobi that also includes Zalf (furniture manufacturer) and Désirée (specialised in sofas).

The company uses advanced manufacturing technologies and extends over an area of 50,000 square metres of which 26.000 are built on. Its products are distributed in Italy, Europe and in various countries in the world by an efficient sales organisation.

Kitchen atmosphere

100% Made in Italy.
Euromobil is deeply rooted in this value and enjoys a bond with its territory that represents an unrepeatable system and considers product quality to be its main concern.

Euromobil only produces in Italy where its Research&Develoopment centre designs together with internationally-renowned architects and designers, using cutting-edge technologies and production plants.

Kitchen atmosphere

Design quality is Euromobil’s attitude towards any project.

That’s why it develops its products with an eye on contemporary flair and innovation. Its goal is to improve the quality of the time and space dedicated to the kitchen.
We select raw materials with a single standard in mind i.e. excellence, to ensure our products have a long life and enjoy high quality standards.
In 1996 Gruppo Euromobil S.p.A. acquired certification according to UNI EN ISO 9001 European standards. These standards regulate, control and check all company processes, both in-house and outsourced: design, supplies, order management, materials purchasing, production processes, coordination of suppliers and management of special processes such as edging, painting and welding.
All our products are designed and built to strict safety criteria, observing the rules of ergonomics as a mark of respect for the end user. The quality of our products is checked by sending a selection of living room, bedroom and kitchen furniture (as per current regulations) to an accredited Italian institute that certifies compliance with UNI EN 14749 European standards.

Kitchen atmosphere

Euromobil has been designing and manufacturing environmentally-friendly kitchens for years.

The company has developed sustainable, broad-reaching design for its products and its production systems over time. It uses ecological panels composed of wood particles made by reusing wood materials with a very low emission of formaldehyde. Moreover, only 100% recyclable packaging is employed to reduce harmful emissions to a minimum and protect the environment.

Euromobil suggests arrangements that generate space and furnish while configuring rooms.

Innovative proposals organise and optimise spaces and can be used to create "rooms within a room”, achieving storage volumes that satisfy various lifestyles, needs and budgets without the need for masonry work.

Kitchen atmosphere
Kitchen atmosphere

A meeting place for planners and consultants

The company showroom consists of a 900 square metre open space and includes projects that set off the versatility of models that becomes authentic compositional systems. It houses a space entirely dedicated to TRAINING and PLANNING, set up to aid interior designers and consultants all the way.

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