Materials and finishes

Wood with very textured surfaces, kitchens in glass and steel, surfaces in eco-cement and Ecolaccato: discover all Euromobil’s finishes and materials.

  • Monochrome image
    Monochrome image

    Monochrome is a selection of monochrome finishes and materials whose strength lies in its colour continuity: the focus here is on octane blue in its textured versions. This mood based on pure minimalism is inspired by the works of Jorrit Tornquist and by his ongoing research into colour and on light’s ability to modify surfaces, enhancing their expressive properties.

  • Contrast image
    Contrast image

    Contrast is a place of colour contrasts where opposites interact. Particular pairings stand out such as optic white and black in chromatic variants like black Wood Caneté and black Cardoso Gres Laminam In-Side or Light Palladio Dekor glass with Marquina black and dark Turner TSS. This mood is inspired by the work of Alberto Biasi, the renowned protagonist of optical-kinetic art.

  • Natural image
    Natural image

    Natural looks to nature. Authentic, textured surfaces such as Materia American walnut, Michelangelo elm, taupé Piasentina Stone Gres Laminam In-Side and medium Sac Dekor glass paired with mud, haze and pumice in all their textured versions. This area of preference is harmoniously linked to the original “found objects” of Lorenzo Mariani (known as L’orMa).

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