Company Showroom

The showroom space celebrates the product exactly as if it were a piece of architecture: a large theatre without walls, where furnishings are lead actors that also create the setting.

The showroom is the place where the company expresses its corporate identity, a space created and designed to offer visitors an authentic brand experience so that all the basic values of Euromobil’s philosophy can be appreciated to the full.

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Quintessential beauty describes the place in which Euromobil presents its kitchens and more: the company showroom consists of a 900 square metre open space and includes projects that set off the versatility of models that become authentic compositional systems capable of optimising any space by creating “rooms within a room" (Kabinspace for instance). Fitting solutions with a distinctive identity offer users of residential or professional spaces the chance to create storage volumes that suit their personal lifestyles, requirements and budgets, putting an end to the common restrictions imposed by structural elements and obstacles.

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