EUROMOBIL | Catalogue “Kitchen Atmosphere Re_Design”

Much more than a mere work tool, this catalogue has been designed as a strategic resource and an essential marketing prop to promote Euromobil’s kitchen systems, with the ambitious goal of bringing the brand and its values even closer to the company’s partners and customers.

352 pages of eye-catching and contemporary graphic content, full of product information and details to look at - including comprehensive images in a setting - to inspire the most demanding of interior designers. These are some of the distinctive features of the new catalogue that determine its look and feel, creating a sensorial experience by means of an extensive offering covering design, forms, materials and colours.

It’s an excellent tool available to our customers, interior designers and key accounts. This catalogue will help everyone gain a deeper knowledge of Euromobil, of its strengths and of the unique qualities of its totally “Made in Italy” products.

“The catalogue we are presenting marks a new stage in the growth of the company’s international visibility as a global brand representing the “Made in Italy” style for kitchens” says Gaspare Lucchetta, Managing Director of Gruppo Euromobil.  It’s an important tool to build the loyalty of current customers and favour the development of new partnerships”. 

This tool was designed by the Valentini Cesarotti agency in close collaboration with the company’s R&D team, paying great attention to detail, an approach that confirms Euromobil’s vocation and mission to carefully focus on every aspect of business, from product design and quality to production processes and service to global markets.

Euromobil offers design that generates space; kitchen systems and storage units that become actual architectural structures. A planning potential that is not just inspired by architecture and haute couture but above all by contemporary art, one of the Group's great passions.

Indeed, the new catalogue is inspired by three moods, three different areas of taste that interpret just as many living styles:

Monochrome is a selection of monochrome finishes and materials whose strength, in fact, lies in its colour continuity. The focus is on the textured versions of octane blue. This mood based on pure minimalism is inspired by the works of Jorrit Tornquist and by his ongoing research into colour, as well as on light’s ability to modify surfaces, enhancing their expressive properties.

Contrast is a place of colour contrasts where opposites interact. Colour combinations of optic white and black, as well as Wood Canetè black and grès Laminam In-Side stand out. This mood is inspired by the work of Alberto Biasi, the renowned protagonist of optical-kinetic art.

Natural looks to nature. Authentic, textured surfaces such as American walnut, Michelangelo elm, taupé Piasentina Stone and Sac Dekor glass are paired with the mud, haze and pumice colours in all their textured versions. This area of preference is harmoniously linked to Lorenzo Mariani’s (known as L’orMa) original “found objects”.

Euromobil can’t wait to launch their new catalogue because it proves the company’s  skill, not only in interpreting reality, but in inspiring it too, as well as its ability to offer concrete ideas and solutions to change and improve the lives of the end users of its kitchens.




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