EUROMOBIL | DentroCasa Expo 2022

Euromobil, on November 5-6 took part in the first of two weekends of the 9th edition of DentroCasa Expo 2022 at the BRIXIA FORUM in Brescia.

The next event will be held on November 12 and 13.

The event is a container of values and experiences where design in all its forms reigns, giving space to culture, craftsmanship and territory.

The set-up was created by Prospektiv, a prestigious architectural firm located in the center of Brescia, which involved its key partners.

Euromobil was chosen with the Telero island in matte bromine gray glass with Eat sliding top in smooth wood black finish, steel top and Kabin Space system in wood canetè black finish.

Euromobil products set the scene for the dinner curated by the tristate restaurant "Da Vittorio" hosted for the first time at DentroCasa Expo inside the Prospektiv booth.

in via Caprera, 5
25125 Brescia (BS)

Opening hours:

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