EUROMOBIL | Design week 2022

According to Euromobil, design and art meet in the kitchen to create architectural structures that organise spaces to suit different areas of taste and living moods. A design potential that can be summed up by the phrase: 'Design that generates space'.

The most important new feature for Euromobil is the large 'Abacus of Solutions'.
The large container is the protagonist at the centre of the Flagship store. Open on three sides, it integrates new opening, closing and storage systems such as:

KABIN SPACE, the innovative system that allows storage areas to be obtained with great freedom without structural intervention. It consists of retro-finished furniture, conceived as architecture, and an exclusive element with sliding doors, the special feature of which is the absence of lower or upper guides.

PIVOT the entrance system with pivoting door and rototranslating movement that allows two-way opening for easy use even with busy hands.

The EXTERNAL CORNER TALL UNIT, which can be opened on both sides, completes the system.

CABINET, pantry unit with recessed door to make the most of space, guaranteeing total accessibility and concealing every function.
The storage system lends itself to different uses depending on the equipment inside: from the mini-kitchen to the oven column, to pull-out stainless steel shelf.

The fil rouge of the project is the WOOD CANETÉ BLACK finish, whose distinctive feature is eight repeating horizontal segments, creating a textured surface and a pattern that bring referencies to oriental culture, in which the number eight is auspicious, and a subtle vertical warp that delicately catches the light.

TOTEM, designed by Roberto Gobbo, is a reinterpretation, in a contemporary key, of an iconic system from the 1950s available floor-to-ceiling or wall-mounted.
Its character can be found in the essentiality of its forms: horizontal and vertical marks, the latter marked by dimmable LED light tracks.

The shelves are also available in wood, lacquered, glass or eco-lacquered. The structure can be implemented with desks and storage units, useful to complete a kitchen open to the living room or a living room with a home office.

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Another Euromobil exclusive is MATT DEKOR GLASS made using cutting-edge technology. The finish can be applied to doors, worktops and sides, creating monochromatic, single-material volumes.

It is available in the variants:

  • Palladio Light, inspired by the seeded floors synonymous with the Venetian craft and architectural tradition
  • Sac Dark and Sac Medium, which allude to the world of fabrics, evoking softness and tactility or to textures found in nature.
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