GRUPPO EUROMOBIL | Salone del Mobile.Milano 2013

In a display area of 1000 sq m the Group will exhibit a refined dynamic lifestyle for total home design. The focus will be on two innovative projects: the prestigious, highly original Living system by Euromobil and the new kitchen projects which will be the focal point of this year’s Salone del Mobile to express the LIVING AND COOKING philosophy that has been the official claim of Euromobil for many years. Our total home design lifestyle produced with avant garde production technology comprises innovation, creativeness and flexibility under the banner of “Design and Make in Italy”. Our stand will be divided into three macro areas.

The first area will be dedicated to TOTAL HOME DESIGN, an original affordable design concept that includes systems and complementary items from our three companies, integrated and transversal in a unique project exclusive to the Euromobil Group. TOTAL HOME DESIGN will present two projects: CASAUNO, with our 100% eco-sustainable Kubic glass and aluminium kitchen furniture, and CASADUE, with our Lain kitchen furniture featuring advanced design at accessible prices.

The second area will be dedicated to new items by Désirée proposing constantly evolving padded seating to meet consumer demand in terms of comfort and design. Désirée’s new articles are enhanced by some of our renowned best sellers and coordinate with the new Living system by Euromobil. The third area is for Zalf with projects dedicated to infants and kids: a playful glossy look that is pleasant and colourful, as well as highly functional.

Meticulous and reassuring, the architecture of our stand features a refined set with a strong visual impact that inspires the refined lifestyle proposed.
Important artwork will complete and enhance the ambiences: three large works by artist Alessandro Verdi and the winning paintings from the latest edition of the “Gruppo Euromobil Award for UNDER 30s” – Arte Fiera di Bologna: ERBARIO 2009, LAST 2013, by Margherita Cesaretti and Valentina Miorandi respectively. As usual, the passion for art of the Lucchetta family, proprietors of Gruppo Euromobil, is expressed by top quality works of art, closely linked to the world of design.

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