Shelving systems

A versatile and modular, floor-to-ceiling system that performs various functions:  it can become a display unit for books and knick-knacks, a storage unit, a desk or a partition to redefine two areas.

Its distinctive feature is the refined harmony created by the poles and the shelves, - supported by an underlying quick-fit mechanism - which create a mesh-like grid of vertical and horizontal elements. The result is not just aesthetically pleasing; it also ensures functionality and stability paired with great visual lightness.

The structure – based on slim poles – can be installed at the centre of the room or against a wall, to guarantee very versatile arrangements. In fact, Totem can be used as a partition to divide two areas sharing the same space, not just in the living area – which is where shelving units are usually installed – but even in the kitchen or wherever needed.

Thanks to storage compartments that can be opened in various ways, it can contain objects or – by adding one or more desks – be used as a home office or study area, ideal in this time of smart working and online learning.

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